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Please note that from 20th February 2008, I am standing down as supplier of most of the following items. This is primarily due to lack of space to do an efficient job! Accordingly, if anyone wants to take it over, I will happily hand over all the relevant software and contacts and let you have any remaining stock at cost (let's say thirty quid?). In the meantime, the last few items are available on 'special offer' at the 2004 prices (and postage costs) shown:-

- Stickers blue types only (50+)
- Blue 'old style' pennants with the address (NB This is hardly noticeable!) (9 left)

The following information is therefore largely redundant...

Clothing, buttons, pennants etc are available displaying the canals mailing list/uk.rec.waterways newsgroup participants official logo (blue - as shown on left) or that of the Cutweb Internet Boat Club. (red - as shown on right). When ordering SPECIFY WHICH LOGO/COLOUR YOU WANT! If not specified, the standard, blue, logo will be supplied. If the CIBC colours are requested, your club membership will be verified first.

Prices as at September 2004

The T shirts are medium weight, the Sweatshirts are heavy. You have a choice of logo sizes, either approx 7" dia in centre or approx 3" dia above left breast. If logo sizes are not specified, they will be supplied LARGE on T shirts and SMALL on sweatshirts.

All logowear is generally supplied WHITE but coloured sweatshirts and T shirts are now available at an extra cost of 1-25 per item. Remember to specify WHICH colour for EACH item.

Postage quoted is for UK only. I will post overseas but you will have to make arrangements for payment to me in pounds sterling - perhaps via a friend or visiting boater? For those visiting the UK from overseas, prepaid logowear can be posted directly to hire companies, hotels or boatyards etc to coincide with arrival - thereby saving overseas postage costs. However, past experience of this has not been too reliable - so a friend is the best bet.

Please email for further information, or to place an order. For full contact details see Chris Deuchar's main Publications page.

Also, please note that this is a 'not-for-profit operation', run as a public service by Chris Deuchar, one of the canal mailing list/newsgroup participants. Items are essentially sold at cost.

You might also like to order a copy of Chris' book at the same time.

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