The Isle of Man!

The Isle of Man Railways:

St Johns to Foxdale

As well as the remaining steam railway from Douglas to Castletown, the Isle of Man Railway previously used the same terminus in Douglas for its route to Peel, and via the Manx Northern Railway (later incorporated into the IoMR) to Foxdale and Ramsey via the western island coast - where the views are outstanding.

These lines only closed in the late 1960s and, if they had survived a few more years, might well have been kept open because of increasing public interest. Even now, obstructions are few and opening the line to Peel, in particular, could have many advantages. For now however, most sections are walkable and have been incorporated into public paths as you will see...

The Foxdale Railway left the Manx Northern Railway from just beyond this car park - which is to the west of the road in St Johns. As well as passenger traffic, a major use of the line was in fetching stone from the extensive quarries at Foxdale.
Although the FR had its own station at St Johns, this building is now privately occupied and hidden behind an extensive hedge that makes it very difficult to photograph. In the undergrowth to the rear however are the remains of what appears to be a linesman's hut combined with the base of a water tower.
The route then delves beneath the road and behind some housing.
After curving round to head southwards, it crosses this bridge over the Douglas-Peel railway .
Southbound on the Foxdale Railway embankment at St Johns
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