The Isle of Man!

The Isle of Man Railways:

The Glenfaba Brickworks Tramway

This tramway ran to the Glenfaba Brickworks on the outskirts of Peel, from their clay pit across the River Neb near Peel Hill.

In the small transport museum in Peel near the former station site is this map of the tramway. The following picture is more or less at the start of the tramway - where the power station now stands.
This is looking east, more or less on the site of the Glenfaba brickworks whose tramway led to its claypits. Near Peel, the old Isle of Man Railway trackbed takes us between industrial units and past the Peel power station. The tramway and railway lines crossed at right angles near here.
This image is showing an empty wagon - probably on its way to the clay pit and just turning onto the riverside section.
This is the modern view - but looking towards the clay pits and river.
This similar old photo (but note with a different horse and laden wagon) is just leaving the clay pits over the river crossing.
This modern view shows the site of the river crossing - which is now too overgrown to be able to see the flat-topped spoil heap on the other side.
This view, from high on Peel Hill, shows almost the whole course of the tramway. From the near side of the buildings on the left, the route ran alongside the river to just before the last of the parked vehicles beyond the buildings. Here was the river crossing. Almost central in the photo is the flat-topped spoil heap - showing as a lighter green disk. The mature trees to the right of that mask the quarries which are now water filled.

As an aside, passing just to the far side of the buildings, the Douglas-Peel route of the IoMR can be seen heading off up the valley towards the trees in the distance