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The Isle of Man Railways:

The Douglas Head Railway

As well as the remaining steam railway from Douglas to Castletown; and the horsedrawn and electric railways from Douglas to Ramsey and Snaefell, the Isle of Man had a large number of smaller railways for both passenger and goods. The Douglas Head railway was a very short rope-worked line that carried passengers up from the harbour to the top of Douglas Head where they might enjoy the view, visit the hotel or join the Marine Drive electric tramway.

The full extent of the railway was only a couple of hundred yards - as can be seen by this Google image. Today the path called 'South Quay' lies mostly alongside the overgrown trackbed. The foot of the incline is at the top of the picture - opening out into a convenient small car park. The top of the incline is in the scrub just above the Camera Obscura and next to the turn round point for large vehicles today. The Marine Drive electric tramway continued south from the bottom of the picture.
The scrub to the right of the camera obscura is where the top of the incline was. Today's path cuts across the trackbed below it.
Looking down from the camera obscura with the foot of the incline just visible to the left of the cars at the bottom.
The foot of the incline, with the South Quay path on the right. The trees and scrub at the top of the incline are visible on the skyline.
The last vestige of the canopy support at the lower platform site.
Viewed from the small beach below, the lower part of the route is seen against the skyline. Just visible under protective netting, is a section of the former trackbed whose stone walling was cantilevered out over the cliff.
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