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Boat Name Other Name(s) Extant? Full Length BW No. Fleet No.
STARLING   Yes Yes, but not totally original boat. 66499  
Gauge No. Gauged by Gauge Date BCN No. Registration No. Registered At:
        Man 1138 Manchester on 28. 5. 1936
Build Date Builder Orig. Owner Engine Original Type: Orig. Construction
May 1936 Yarwoods W H Cowburn & Cowpar Ltd. 1 cyl Gardner 4 VT , 12 hp. Motor Steel (? composite)

Re-registration, Gaugings and Other Information

Shortened to 40' in 1960s. Mid section used in boat known as LOUISE JANE. STARLING relengthened to 70' in 1990s, with a Lister HA 2 as the engine.