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Boat Name Other Name(s) Extant? Full Length BW No. Fleet No.
NAPLES LMS 56 . KIDSGROVE Yes Yes 504844 LMS 56
Gauge No. Gauged by Gauge Date BCN No. Registration No. Registered At:
      1556 on 29. 1. 1930 . SoT 974. Nw 79. Stoke on 1. 10. 1957. Northwich 79 on 3. 10 . 1958.
Build Date Builder Orig. Owner Engine Original Type: Orig. Construction
Nov / Dec 1929. Yarwoods LMS Railway Co. Unpowered Open joey / Butty. Iron

Re-registration, Gaugings and Other Information

Conv. to cabined butty for BTC (BTW) in 1954 by Mersey Weaver Ship Canal Carrying Co. Ltd. at Middleport and renamed KIDSGROVE. sold in early 1970s and briefly named BRENDA, then DEBRA. Currently NAPLES and still a butty but motorised (2003?).

Photograph: Believed to be butty NAPLES. Photographed at Streethay in 2000 with motor INDUS - but I would like confirmation of both names please.