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Narrow Boats:

ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_29.jpg   ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_30.jpg   ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_32.jpg   ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_34.jpg   ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_31.jpg   ARC1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2012-02-07_35.jpg   ARCprofile1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoatcrop.jpg   ARCprofile1998ShardlowQuarryLogBoat2crop.jpg
The oldest narrow boat in the world? This log boat was discovered during gravel excavations between Shardlow and Castle Donington in 1998.

Unfortunately the bow had become separated from the rest of the hull when hit by the excavator. The site was opened to the public for a couple of days before the remains were removed and then subject to preservation (regrettably cut into sections) before being put on display in the Derby Museum. The boat was found loaded with large stone blocks and is believed to have been building a causeway across what would then have been marshy ground. Also unique, were the remains of rope found attached to a wooden carved 'cleat' in the 'bow'. Also shown are excerpts from ARC's own house newsletter of the time.

Other similar, but much smaller, boats have been found in the Trent valley (eg as exhibited at the Castle Museum in Nottingham) and elsewhere (eg in Glastonbury Museum). However, these latter were all believed to have been for carrying just people - and not a serious cargo as here near Shardlow.