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Mystery/Unidentified Boats

Ok. I admit it, I failed to remember, or note down, or locate, the names of some of the boats I photographed but I just couldn't find ID on others. Please help me identify the following:-

A short butty boat? Seen Trent Lock April 2014. Was this cut up to make this? (CALEB/TEBAY?) - seen August 2015 (note the green paint on both top bends)


An unusual shape to a back cabin - but it appeared to be on an old hull. This was at Stone in 2011. Any ideas please?


Quite a nicely converted iron Joey at Fazely in 2000. Does it have a name? A number?


Another nice little boat. This time at Fradley in 2000. Any alternative name to Natterjack? A number? It appeared to be the back end of a butty used as a bow - but which?


Nice little tug on the Erewash again in 2006. Bow was possibly a josher or station boat. I didn't see it from a very good angle.


Another butty! This was up a backwater of the river Soar in 2004. Possibly another josher? Again I really couldn't get close enough for a good look - and no one seemed to be about despite it being wide open.


A bit blurry but I seem to remember it as an ex-GUCCC based tug - having said that it looks more like josher rubbing bands - Oh Dear! (Blame the blurriness). Fradley 2002.


Thanks for any responses - to the email address in the menu frame on the left. Cheers.