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image Sickle
Sickle, 2002 (pic: C Deuchar)
Sickle at Trent Lock 2009. Pic: CN Deuchar
Sickle at Trent Lock 2009. Pic: CN Deuchar

Boat Name Other Name(s) Extant? Full Length BW No. Fleet No.
SICKLE   Yes No 80578 GUCC 84
Gauge No. Gauged by Gauge Date BCN No. Registration No. Registered At:
GU 12534 Grand Union 20. 6. 1936   Rk 187 Rickmansworth on 21. 9. 1937.
Build Date Builder Orig. Owner Engine Original Type: Orig. Construction
March 1937 Yarwoods GUCCC Russell Newbery DM 2, 18 hp. Motor Steel

Re-registration, Gaugings and Other Information

Orig. intended GUCCC pairing with butty 350, SARPENDON. Shortened in 1940 to appx. 40'. BWB land exhibit at Sawley in late 199s0s. Undergoing restoration work in private ownership since 2002 as a tug. Owners website here*