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Lancing2020Hillmorton-PFitt-DSC_5604_v1.jpg Lancing2020Braunston-PFitt-DSC_6712_v1.jpg Lancing2020makersPlate-PFitt-IMG_0081_v1.jpg

Lancing in 2020 at Hillmorton & Braunston with makers plate (P Fitt)

Boat Name Other Name(s) Extant? Full Length BW No. Fleet No.
LANCING   Yes Yes   65547 GUCC 154
Gauge No. Gauged by Gauge Date BCN No. Registration No. Registered At:
GU 12574 Grand Union 28. 8. 1936   Rk 88 Rickmansworth on 11. 8. 1936.
Build Date Builder Orig. Owner Engine Original Type: Orig. Construction
July 1936 Yarwoods GUCCC   Motor Steel
Re-registration, Gaugings and Other Information

Orig. intended GUCCC pairing with butty 299, LANGHO. Was called RAINBOW briefly in 1960s. Had Petter PD 2 engine installed in 1965. Was a passenger boat for some 40 years-deconverted in 2014.