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Boat Name Other Name(s) Extant? Full Length BW No. Fleet No.
MINNOW   Yes Yes   FMC 318
Gauge No. Gauged by Gauge Date BCN No. Registration No. Registered At:
      1896 on 1. 4. 1936 Bm 1557 Nw 85 Birmingham 1557 in 1935 and on 19. 2. 1954. Northwich 85 on 3. 10. 1958.
Build Date Builder Orig. Owner Engine Original Type: Orig. Construction
Dec 1934 Yarwoods FMC Bolinder 9 hp. Motor Iron Composite

Re-registration, Gaugings and Other Information

Bolinder removed by BWB and replaced by a more powerful Armstrong Siddeley AS 2 , 20 hp engine enabling MINNOW to tow a butty. The original fore cabin was also removed around this time. Bolinder 9 hp re installed and forecabin re- instated in mid 1990s. Much restored.