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A Catalogue of badly laid out Roads, Lanes, Lights and Signs.

THIS SITE is an Interface between Highway Authorities and Professional Drivers - notably those driving large vehicles; ie articulated lorries and buses. Here you will find a growing catalogue of relatively minor, individual faults which will be presented collectively to the attention of the highway authorities. We can provide specialised knowledge of problems that they may not have realised they have with the ultimate aim of increasing road safety by improving the 'driving experience' for all drivers.

Additional articles are being prepared, including these on:-
  Advisory Signs
  Swept Path Analysis

LEGAL CASES play a large role in road safety . For example, the case of Whiteford vs Kubas UAB (2012) - in which a motorcyclist lost a leg in a collision with a lorry - is likely to have particular implcations in future road design and marking. Anecdotal evidence suggests that authorities do not plan junctions, or mark lanes, with adequate provisions for LGVs that may have to use them. They need to change this practice before they become the subject of litigation from road users - especially from April 2013 when compensation rules changed. To assist in this we are developing an 'app' to give minimum and optimum design lane width for a given inner kerb, or lane, radius to be used on roads commonly used by large vehicles.

THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS are reported as problematic. Primarily we are interested in reports regarding motorways and 'A' roads. However, *DO* include more minor roads which are specifically used by LGVs to access places such as distribution centres and retail service areas. Google images for each location are being added gradually. Hover over any 'Plan' , 'View' or 'Here' buttons to see a satellite image, an eye-level view or link, respectively.

Please add to this list by using the *COMMENT SUBMISSION FORM HERE* to contact us. Also HERE are links to other 'roads' websites. Latest update Tuesday, December 02, 2014


M1(J15) /A508 From southbound on M1 exit from Northampton side roundabout towards the A508, poor kerb alignment necessitating extra lane use. In fact the whole Northampton side roundabout is in a bit of a state and could badly do with some realignment!
M1 (J15)/A508/A45

M1 (J15)western roundabout

M1(J25) /A52 Leaving A52 westbound, poor entry onto intermediate roundabout due to narrow lanes at mouth.
M1J25A52junction westbound off A52
M5(J4) /A491 E/B from A491 onto M5 S/B Lanes badly marked on roundabout. From the A491, of the two 'right turn' lanes onto M5 S/B, the left hand lane abrubtly becomes 'straight on' and only the right hand lane goes toward the motorway - without adequate time to change lanes without conflict. NB the accompanying 'view' image does NOT show this faulty configuration but an earlier one!
M5(J4) /A491

M5(J4) /A491 - east side

M57(J4) /A580 Leaving Portal Way, eastbound towards motorway, very awkward tight left turn (although it looks fine in these pictures - note though, the damaged barrier!) necessitating the use of outer lanes. Also poor signage for exit.
M5(J4) /A491

M57J4A508 - leaving Portal Way onto A508

M6T(J5)/A5/A5148/A5127 Nr Lichfield. Western roundabout badly laid out with poor lane markings. Similar bad layouts seem to be a 'feature' of the M6 toll.
M6(T) J5

M6(T) J5 westbound

M6T(J7)/A5/A460 Nr Cannock. Some very bad layouts, especially eastbound, between the two roundabouts.
M6(T) J7

M6(T) J7 eastbound

M40/M42(J3A) M42 westbound meeting M40 at western junction. The entry sign from the M42 is incorrect and shows an inaccurate version of how the lanes meet.

M42J3A westbound

A5/A421 Milton Keynes. South west corner of junction. Bad kerb siting from A421 south to A5 west.    
A5/A5148/A5127/M6T See 'M6 toll'.    
A5/A460/M6T See 'M6 toll'.    
A11/A14(J?) Huntingdon, west bound on roundabout - excessive lane pinching.    
A14/A43(J?) Intersection lane markings are 'optimistic' for lane changes. Ie there is not enough length for LGVs to change lane without adversely affecting other drivers.    
A14(J? Cam SVCS) East bound exit from A14 too sharp and also when entering A14 eastbound, corner too sharp/small radius kerb.    
A14(J43) Bury St Edmunds. From the centre of town, on leaving the roundabout behind Tesco (?) and heading towards J43, exit is sharp radius with a pedestrian crossing. Avoiding the railings and crossing, necessitates moving close to white zig zag - often affecting oncoming traffic.    
A37 Temple Cloud Access to Temple Ind Estate is NOT via Harts La to Marsh La. Needs existing 'Unsuitable for HGV' sign enhancing with height restriction sign on the same pole AND "LGV access via A39 at Temple Cloud" or similar.    
A45 -Coventry Tile Hill and Vauxhall Avenue - poor signage off A45 west bound. Also no indication that the former level crossing at Canley Station off Sir Henry Parkes Road is now closed.    
A46/A52 Saxondale Junction. Both east and west approaches to, and exits from, A46 roundabouts are very poorly laid out needing crossing two lanes to make the turns. A number of possible accidents waiting to happen at this *new* junction.    
A46 The eastern end of the new dual carriageway meets the single cariageway section around Newark on the west side in a redesigned version of the previous roundabout at the junction with the B6166. The new version is atrocious with very narrow lanes containing awkward kinks - totally impossible to keep an artic within the lane markings. The interior diameter of the roundabout needs reducing, allowing extra lane width without further land acquisition.    
A52 Bardills Rbt Near Stapleford/Toton. Lights with grills invisible to LGV drivers - especially at crossing near school. Similar problem at Lenton roundabout - but less severe. NB. Lights such as these need to be visible to drivers whose eye level may be 3m above ground!    
A38/A50 Nr Willington. Westbound from A50 to A38 poor entry/lane marking onto roundabout. Not enough rooom allocated to stay within lanes.    
A491/A456 N/B on A491 turn left onto A456 W/B tight turn on corner - not enough room in lane.    
A491/B1488 Small roundabout at Bell End; E/B on A491 - inadequate entry onto roundabout - both lanes needed.    
A449/A451 Kidderminster ring road; - inadequate entry onto roundabout - both lanes needed.    
A519 Awaiting info...    
A57/B6034 Eastbound and westbound approaches to this roundabout are poorly laid out.    
A628 From M1 J36. Roundabouts far too small - ie for given outer kerb radius. These are only negotiable at extremely low speeds and inconvenience to other traffic.    
B6002 Long Eaton. No less than three northbound and one southbound problem sites for traffic accessing Long Eaton from M1(J25) along this short road. Here, here, and here.
Wilsthorpe Rd northbound
Off A4053 Coventry. Access to store service area in West Orchard shopping precinct at rear of Leofric Hotel. This route is shared with car traffic to the multi-storey car park and access from Corporation Street is controlled by traffic signals. Artics accessing this area require both lanes at their narrowest point at this junction and often meet aggressive oncoming drivers on a blind bend. The traffic signals need rephasing to give a 'window of opportunity' for artics to enter and leave.