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This is just one in a series of video pages divided by year - 2012.
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New Inn, Shardlow - Pershore.. 2012
Brimfield - at the Fylde Folk Festival 2012
Pershore - at the Fylde Folk Festival.. 2012
Newstead - Shardlow 2012
Much Wenlock - Shardlow 2012
Toybox at Galleries of Justice, Nottingham 2012
Much Wenlock (+intro) at the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham.. 2012
'White Ladies Aston' at the Gate Inn, Awsworth.. Boxing Day 2012
Captain Pugwash, Bakewell Day of Dance 2012

Hit & Miss - Black Pig Trailer from Chris Deuchar on Vimeo .

This was Black Pig Border's latest brief foray into the film and tv industry. Having been head-hunted from Bakewell (where else!) we got this brief part in Sky Atlantic's everyday story of a trans-sexual assassin who unknowingly has fathered a son and whose past history comes back to haunt her/him...

It was good fun - a day out in West Yorkshire at a pub we knew (from the Littleborough Rush Cart events) and I got to dance with Chloe Sevigny whilst Carla danced with Jonas Armstrong.

Yes, this is just a trailer - so now you can buy the complete series from Amazon at amazon.co.uk/Hit-Miss-DVD-Chloe-Sevigny/dp/B008582F5C

"Spectacularly Watchable", "Sexy, Bloody, Grisly" - and that's just Black Pig :-)

South Australia at the Furnace Inn, Derby.. 2012
Rochester Sweeps - Monkey Walk + other side (6 min) 2012
'Brimfield' (/Cuckoos Nest) at Rochester Sweeps Festival - early May 2012

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