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Dr Pig's Homespun Philosophy: Page 3 - On Kit and Blacking Up


Edited from an email:

Kit is very much a personal thing but basics are in the constitution, viz: black top hat, t-shirt, trousers/jeans and boots - with a coloured tail coat (or other long coat) or black coat with lots of added colour .� Kit is also a developing thing - it takes people a couple of years at least to reach a 'finished' article - so don't worry about it, just do what you can. Basically as much black as you can with as much coloured accessorizing (eg ribbons, beads, scarves, feathers etc) The cheapest top hats can usually be obtained from wedding hire and similar places when time expired for a few pounds. Grey ones can then be treated (and waterproofed!) with a whole aerosol of black paint from a car accessory shop!

We generally supply blacking freely to members - on condition you use it obviously! Failing that, yes its theatrical blacking. Snazaroo is the most common but Grimas some people find easier to remove and claim it is better on the skin. Being a bloke I can't tell the difference. Remove using cleansing wipes - some are brilliant, others just smudge it around. Home Bargains sell 'Ageless Wipes' (or similar) which are excellent and cheap!

Personally I never drive in kit and always do everything on arrival. Using a damp sponge I can black up in about 30 seconds. Other people use a brush and do everything before arrival. Its up to you!

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