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These are just a few pages from Chris Deuchar (aka Dr Pig) - the dance foreman...

ABOUT PIG For Dr Pig's 'Homespun Philosophy' page click here.
BOW LOCKS For the Bumper Book of BowLocks (an assortment of trivia) go HERE!
MUSIC For background information on the Black Pig CDs and other music go HERE!
VIDEOS For on-line videos of the Pigs in action go to my page HERE! and the separate videos page on facebook HERE!
CALENDAR For the Black Pig Events & birthday CALENDAR go HERE!
R.I.P. For my personal Piggy Memorials to Pigs we have sadly lost click here.

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For more info on Black Pig music go HERE!

For more info (and the script) on the Selston Mummers Play go HERE!

To buy copies of the CDs or the Mummers Play DVD, please go to the official Black Pig Shop Site go HERE!

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Current update: Thursday, September 31st, 2021