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Pippa: Lead Vocals:  The girl with the amazing voice - not to mention perfect pitch! Our front person (behind whom we all hide) and now the longest serving member!
Eddie: Drums:  The newest partner replacing the retiring, last original member. The man at the back on whom we all depend for 'the rithum'!
Graham: Guitar & Vocals:  Graham has been in Cottonmouth for a couple of years now and has helped us define our sound. (He's whizzo on the guitar too - just listen to the Green River video 'outro'...)
Matt: Rhythm guitar & vocals: A rather nomadic upbringing and parents  with broad musical taste have made him an avid student of popular music  in all its forms. The musical interplay between  the US and the British Isles over the last few centuries is evident  here.
Chris: Bass Guitar & Vocals:  Well, its the bass innit? Nobody notices the bass; 'til its not there... Also the general dogsbody, webmaster, facebooker and contact form email.
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