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This is just one in a series of video pages divided by year.
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At Bakewell Day of Dance - Upton On Severn Stick Dance.. 2013
At Pigstock 2013 - South Australia - at the White Lion, Swingate. (Swine Gate?).. 2013
At Pigstock 2013 - Off To California - at White Lion, Swingate. 2013
Three Person Two Stick Dance at Rose & Crown, Zouch 2013
Pershore - at Bakewell Day of Dance.. 2013
Keel Over - Derby St George's Day celebrations.. 2013
Captain Pugwash - Derby St George's Day celebrations.. 2013
Toybox at the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham.. 2013
'Pigging LIberty' (aka 'Stick Chuck') a Moira Canal Festival 2013
'3 Person 2 Stick' (aka 'Donkey Riding') a Moira Canal Festival 2013
South Australia at Bakewell 2013
Brimfield at Zouch.. 2013
Tram Ale - performing Captain Pugwash 2013
Tram Ale 2013 - Upton - at The Lion, Basford 2013
Party on the Rec, Awsworth 2013 - 'Upton'

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