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Brimfield at Bakewell Day of Dance 2010
Brimfield at Bakewell Day of Dance - different video from different source 2010
Beauvale Abbey - Playing 'Turkey in the Straw' to some turkeys in some straw :-) 2010
Bizarre (finale) at Crich Tramway Museum.. 2009

Dancing 'Toybox' - Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009
The Company of Owd 'Oss at the Railway & Nelson Kimberley Notts 2009
Dancing 'Wenlock Edge' (aka 'Bizarre') at Bakewell International Day of Dance - for the BBC :-) 2009
Newstead - No idea where, OTT possibly? 2008
Donnington Park Hotel. Dancing Toybox at Esme & Loxley's wedding. July 2008
Navigation Inn, Shadlow. Dancing Toybox 2008
Navigation Inn, Shardlow. Dancing Selston 2008
Navigation Inn, Shardlow. Dancing Brimfield

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