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This is a 'work in progress' to catalogue our appearances. These are being culled from Youtube, Vimeo or wherever - more or less in backwards chronological order. Unfortunately facebook videos have to be left separately here in whatever order facebook considers suitable this week...:- Black Pig Border - facebook videos page
If you find something not in either place, please let me have the URL so I can add it. (Oh yes, 'Toybox' does seem to be the favourite dance to video!)
NB. Not everyone allows their videos to be embedded in external pages: These may show up as plain links so try clicking on the link to open the video in a new tab.
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Off The Tracks Festival 2017 - Pugwash - being watched by girl rock band Syteria 2017
Sheringham - The Three Person Two Stick Dance 2017

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Current update: Sunday, October 22, 2017